The Abraham Afewerki Foundation for Music Memorial Event: October 8, 2016

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The Abraham Afewerki Foundation For Music holds a successful 2nd Fundraising Event

April 1, 2008

The Abraham Afewerki Foundation For Music (AAFM) held its second fundraising event at the Capital Hilton in Washington D.C. on Saturday, March 22, 2008. The event was a huge success with a large turnout of supporters from the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, as well as visitors from different US states, Canada, and Europe. Close to eight hundred people have taken part in the event. The event was also attended by Abraham Afewerki's mother Weyzero Ametai Bahta, his sister Regat Afewerki, other members of his family, and invited guests including His Excellency Ambassador Ghirmay Gebremariam.

The event managed to raise $23,000, AAFM could not have done it without the support of the community and a heartfelt thanks goes to each and everyone that has attended the event. After expenses paid off, the proceeds from the event will go to benefit AAFM's charity activities. As in the first event, many musicians and singers came from near and far in support of AAFM's cause and were instrumental in making the event a memorable occasion for all that participated. In fact, the artists were crucial to the success of the event, AAFM cannot thank them enough. In addition to the Eritrean artists there were two Sudanese, one Nigerian,  and two African Americans who performed on the stage. 
AAFM also used the occasion to remember another great Eritrean artist who had a tremendous influence in Eritrean music, Yemane "Baria" Ghebremichael. In observance of the 10th anniversary of Yemane Baria’s passing, a Lifetime Achievement Award named “The Hadera Award” was presented to Yemane Baria’s family. The award was accepted by artist Mehari Ghebreab on behalf of the Yemane Baria family. The award was  handed to Mehari Ghebreab by Weyzero Ametai Bahta and Regat Afewerki, mother and sister of Abraham Afewerki and honorary members of The Abraham Afewerki Foundation For Music. AAFM also presented the family representative with a $1500 (22,500 Nacfa) check that will go to Yemane Baria's family. A video on Yemane Baria's life was prepared but was not shown because of time shortage, however, the video will be soon available through <>  and other media.

AAFM would also like to thank those who have submitted poems, as well as those who have lent their time and energy by coming with their camera gears as well as to man the rented video equipment that had enabled us capture the event. A huge thanks goes to Mr. Mike Schneider and the Capitol Hilton Hotel for helping us in many ways than one for a second year in a row.

With the money raised through the two fundraising events AAFM hopes to soon start providing musical education to needy kids in Eritrea. In order to make that possible, the groundwork has been long undertaken and AAFM is in the process of fulfilling the requirements that are needed to start the actual work. We thank our volunteers, in the U.S. and Eritrea, that are helping us in this noble effort and members of the public that have supported us with such enthusiasm.
AAFM thanks Mr. Solomon Teklu and Rosentahal Nissan Mazda and Mr. Solomon Belay of Summer Realtors for participating as event sponsors, their charitable donation is indeed very much appreciated. We also like to thank Mrs. Algeta Belay and Mr. Yemane Tewolde for their enthusiastic support and generous donation. We appreciate Mr. Tekie of Global Discount Travel and Mr. Abraham of Expo Restaurant for their charitable donation. Also big thanks goes to generous donors such us, Berhane Woldu, Amanuel Tesfay, and Belay Kiflemariam. But we would like to single out Algeta Belay and thank her for her enthusiastic support and encouragement from day one.

Special thanks goes to local businesses for helping us with ticket sales: Eritrean Community Civic Center (ECCC), Zula Restaurant, Expo Restaurant, Dahlak Restaurant, Expo Restaurant, Queen Sheba Restaurant, Merhaba grocery, and Aurora Café.

We thank Mr. Goitom Mengesha, a manager for Central Parking, for making a parking facility available for our supporters at a discounted rate. A heartfelt thanks goes to Voice of Eritrea, Washington DC, for helping us reach the local community through its radio programming. 

We would like to express our appreciation to websites who have allowed us to promote and advertise our event on their websites:


Special thanks goes to the coolest Eritrean master of ceremonies Mike "Lingo" Berhane. We appreciate his wholehearted support and for serving as an anchor and doing a magnificent job in both fundraising events.

Special thanks also goes to the following artists that have liven up the event with top notch performances:

Aaron Kibreab (Vocalist, Las Vegas, NV)  
Aklilu “Tefono” Debesay (Vocalist, Portland, OR  )
Alex Kuflom (Keyboardist, Minnesota)
Dawit Tesfamariam (Keyboardist, Atlanta, GA)
Dawit Tesfamariam (saxophonist, Washington, DC)
Ermias Zerai (vocalist, Washington, DC)
Ghideon Habtom (saxophonist, Washington, DC)
Habteab Mehretab (Acoustic Guitarist, New York)
Lukas Ghebreluel (Bass Guitarist, Seattle, WA)
Michael  Alazar (Lead guitarist, Seattle, WA)
Michael Bahta (Vocalist, Washington, DC  )
Michael Goitom (Vocalist, Los Angeles, CA  )
Moetesim "Arbisha" Aden (Conga drummer, Washington, DC)
Mohammed Tahir (Sudanese Singer, Washington, DC)
Osama (Sudanese Drummer, Washington, DC)
Rusom "Wedi Afro" Tesfai (Keyboardist, Minnesota)
Salahadin Abubeker (Bass Guitarist, Washington, DC)
Samsom Asbu (Vocalist, Washington, DC)
Solomon "Solo" Ekwukoma (Drummer, Washington, DC)
Solomon (Vocalist, New York)
Solomon (Vocalist, Washington, DC)
Teklit  Aaron (saxophonist, Seattle, WA)
Temesgen "Pupa" Isack (Keyboardist, Washington, DC)
Yosef  "Josi" Yebio (Lead guitarist, Los Angeles, CA)  

Dawit Berhane (DC)
Musse Berhane (DC)
Kibrom Tekeste (Oakland)
Biniam "Maico"  (DC)
Yemane Mehari (DC)

Still Pictures:
Mogos Woldu (DC)

Poems submitted by:
Yonatan Fikadu
Efrem Amhatzion
Amanuel Eyasu,
Eden Zekarias

Thank you all very much!

The Abraham Afewerki Foundation For Music is an independent Washington based 501(c)(3) non-profit humanitarian organizations. The organization is established through the initiatives of Abraham's close friends and family members. The foundation is organized to operate exclusively for charitable, educational, scientific, and literary purposes, and within such limits, to promote the performance, preservation, dissemination and awareness of advanced music in general and Eritrean music in particular. The foundation will also strive to fulfill one of Abraham's dreams, providing musical education to needy and talented children and youth. AAFM supports its charitable work by raising funds through different activities.

To view pictures from the 2008 Fundraiser event click on the image below
2008 Fundraiser

Abrahm Afewerki's family members, friends, and AAFM members. March 22, 2008 at the Capital Hilton Hotel, Washington, D.C.

Abraham Afewerki

A Year Later: Remembering Abraham Afewerki

October 4, 2007

A year ago, on October 7th, 2006, singer songwriter Abraham Afewerki and his friend keyboardist Robel Solomon took an ill-fated trip to the Red Sea, they never made it back alive. At the time of his death Abraham had already achieved an iconic status in his country and neighboring countries. His sudden death was greeted with shock and an outpouring of love like never seen before. One year after his death, family, friends, and fans are still grappling with his loss. The Abraham Afewerki Foundation For music, a non-profit organization that was formed in honor of his name, observes October 7th in remembrance of the legendary singer. 

On october 6th, 2007, in his home town Debarwa, Eritrea, a cultural show in remembrance and tribute of Abraham Afewerki will take place. The Abraham Afewerki Foundation For Music thanks all those who are involved in organizing the event and we wish them success.

On October 7th, family, friends, and Abraham's fans will remember Abrahm and Robel during a Sunday church service at the Medhani Alem Orthodox Church located on 150 S. Street N.W., Washington D.C.

To view the rememberance page click here.

Afewerki's Tribute Concert: A Successful Fundraiser Event

April 24, 2007

The Abraham Afewerki tribute event held on April 14, 2007 and organized by the Abraham Afewerki Foundation For Music (AAFM), surpassed even the organizers' expectations ... more


The Abraham Afewerki Foundation For Music To Be Formed
November, 2006

Last month Eritrea suffered the sudden death of a great artist that has entertained and inspired the public inside and outside the country for nearly two decades ... more

  • Cultivate an awareness, appreciation and advancement of the contribution of recorded music in Eritrean culture from the artistic legends of the past, which includes Abraham Afewerki, to the musical innovators of the future generations of music professionals.


  • AAFM shall establish and maintain an education establishment that offers education to needy and talented children and youth in Eritrea.
  • AAFM is dedicated to fostering musical creativity and promoting a better understanding of the role of national and international musical creators in today's society.
  • AAFM shall also Provide support for music performance and music education projects approved by the foundation which are aimed at encouraging performance opportunities for young Eritrean music creators.
  • AAFFM shall participate and contribute to the awareness of important issues such as the value and impact of music and arts education and the importance of preserving our rich cultural legacy.

  • AAFM promotes interest in music and seeks ways to organize Youth Concerts in the public schools designed to introduce children and young people to fine music and to provide education for music appreciation.
  • AAFFM is dedicated to supporting young Eritrean music architects and encouraging their development through music education and talent development programs.