The Abraham Afewerki Foundation For Music To Be Formed
November, 2006

Last month Eritrea suffered the sudden death of a great artist that has entertained and inspired the public inside and outside the country for nearly two decades. Abraham Afewerki's unique voice, penetrating words, and inimitable musical style had made him by all accounts perhaps the greatest contemporary cultural voice of his generation. He was a great communicator who easily captivated and motivated his listeners. His ability to successfully articulate social issues that impacted Eritreans in their daily lives endeared him to his audiences all over the world.

Abraham was a performer whose broad appeal crossed borders to neighboring countries and transcended boundaries of age amongst his own people. However, his enduring appeal was the unsparing emotional honesty he reveals in his songs and display in his performances. Many credit the great recording artist with changing the face of Eritrean musical entertainment as he was at the forefront in the drive to elevate Eritrean music to new heights. An intelligent young singer/songwriter who has had the wisdom of old folks ironically did not live to be an old man. He met his untimely death along with another stellar young artist, Robel Solomon, in a tragic accident.

Abraham Afewerki's career was in full gear and taking off at a high speed when life suddenly came to an end for this Eritrean star. The visionary artist had different ideas in store that he had planed to execute in the coming few years. There is no doubt that, had he stayed alive longer, the growing Eritrean music industry could have greatly benefited from his vision and single-minded but grand determination. The artist, being one who sprung from humble beginnings, had a dream of empowering less fortunate but talented young Eritreans through the power of music. Abraham was a driven artist who believed in education.

Several days ago, a few friends of the artist, who had an intimate knowledge of his dreams and aspirations had gathered and discussed at length the artist's contribution to society and his legacy. At the end of the discussion, the participants formed a committee that will seek ways and means towards the formation of an organization that will attempt to bring Abraham's dreams to reality.

The committee has agreed the organization will have a form of a foundation and will be called "The Abraham Afewerki Foundation For Music". The foundation's purpose will be clearly articulated once it is formed. However, the general idea behind its formation is to see the fruition of one of Abraham's dreams which is enabling Eritrean youngsters with artistic inclination reach their full potential.

The committee has received the blessings of Abraham Afewerki's family in its effort to form the foundation. The family has also authorized the committee to help with overseeing the well-being of the copyrighted material and safeguard the products the late artist left behind. The committee hastens to point out that this work is totally separate from and has no connection with the formation of the Foundation or its purposes. 

The committee also would like to use this opportunity and urge all music lovers to honor Abraham Afewerk's memory by avoiding bootlegged copy or illegally burned/duplicated CDs of the artist. We also ask websites not to play his music in full or in part without expressed permission of the artist's family and or representatives of the family. To that end, we find it necessary to attach a note (see below) that Abraham sent out to webmasters while he was preparing to release his last CD. Included you will also find a list of authorized distributors and point of contacts for Abraham Afewerki related inquiries and products.   

Friends of Abraham Afewerki
Washington D.C.

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