Abraham Afewerki's Tribute Concert: A Successful Fundraiser Event

April 24, 2007

The Abraham Afewerki tribute event held on April 14, 2007 and organized by the Abraham Afewerki Foundation For Music (AAFM), surpassed even the organizers' expectations. The organizers expected a few hundred people to show up but by the time the show reached its peack more than a thousand people were in the Presidential Ball Room inside the Capital Hilton Hotel. Candlelit ambiance, combined with an elegant décor of the Ball Room and a huge poster that carried Abraham's picture hoisted up on the stage facing the audience, made it feel like Abraham was there in spirit, even if he wasn't in body.

The charity work that AAFM is about to embark on was not to be possible without each and every contribution from our supporters. The tribute night managed to raise $34,000... more

After event expenses are paid AAFM will have fund that would enable it start its work. All that came about thanks to the Foundation's tireless members who put in countless volunteer hours that would be impossible to measure in dollar figures. The organizers worked for months, designing and compositing the Abraham Afewerki calendar, postcards, T-shirt, event flyers, producing a video tribute, organizing and coordinating the tribute night event and much more. A warm thanks also goes to all the artists and other dedicated friends that assisted AAFM in making the tribute night a resounding success.         


The Abraham Afewerki tribute night was opened by Washington D.C.'s new sensation the Warsai teenage cultural group performing "Erena". Wearing t-shirts with Abraham's image imprinted on them, the groups' combined voices haunted the room as they sang Abraham's prolific words. The show was lead by the renowned artist Hailemichael "Lingo" Berhane who graced the stage by his presence and his reflective words.  


The artists that took part in the event came from near and far and they played and sang Abraham Afewerk's songs one after another and were received by the audience enthusiastically. What made this show different than other Eritrean shows, in addition to its meticulous organization was, the fact that there were two full bands that included percussion instruments such us drums and congas that livened up the stage and provided the audience with a classy test.


John Gebray and Biniam Tekle gave speeches representing AAFM. Following the speeches a video tribute to Abraham Afewerki produced by AAFM in association with Eriplanet.com and Horizon production was shown. Narrated by Robel Tesfai, the video covered moments form Abraham's short live and was by all accounts the highlight of the show. In addition a short video tribute to Abraham Afewerki produced by Mike Sium was also shown.


The night then progressed into the second phase of the program and the musicians gave their all and the singers gave a jaw dropping performance and the audience came alive. The overall feeling was this was the event to be.


In addition to the community members that turned up in hundreds, among the audience were invited guests and the Eritrean Ambassador to the US and Canada Ambassador Ghirmay Ghebremariam.


This event was possible through the support of many individuals; the performers were instrumental in making the night a celebration of Abrahm's life that no one will ever forget. Most of the artists who came from far came on their own expenses, which showed their enormous generosity as well as their love and respect for Abraham. Thanks also goes to the local businesses who were generous with their contribution in support of AAFM and the supportive individuals that dedicated their time and effort to help us fit all the pieces together. Special thanks goes to ECCC, Alegeta Belay, Aurora Cafe, and Expo restaurant.


The Abraham Afewerki Foundation For Music thanks all the people that came to express their support as well as the many individuals who could not make it but sent us their contributions anyway.



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© 2007 The Abraham Afewerki Foundation For Music